Imaginary Landscapes

imaginary coverThis album constitutes my creative musical journey around the most beautiful regions of Mars. It comprises nine musical pictures of the Red Planet. The photos of Mars made by Mars Global Sourveyor, published by NASA, and the marvelous Kim Stanley Robinson's saga were the inspiration for the project.

Apart from lots of great musical parts played by top Polish musicians you can also hear Sounds of Space recorded by NASA and University of Iowa, all used under with relevant credits and consents.

"(...) The soundtrack, full of eclecticism, is based on the assumption that we are using all available means of expression in order to obtain the "unreal" climate and sound. And so there are: Krzysztof Misiak, who added a beautiful experimental and very rarely used guitar sound and improvisations; Mietek Jurecki - beautiful, cantilene fretless bass parts and charming solo at the end of the album - the sound was digitally processed giving rise to interesting sonoristic effects; Maciek Gładysz - lots of acoustic and electric guitar parts: beautiful solo in the second part of Olympus Mons; UMCS choir and beautiful soprano of Magdalena Ziaia."

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