Quod Tu Es Fui

qtef singlecoverQuod Tu Es Fui, a somewhat murky piece, announces a new ethnicity-related project of the composer. Inspired by ancient rites, it takes you right into the flickering light of bonfires burning atop rolling hills, sounds that escape easy definitions, and shadows cast by hooded creatures that silently move around – apparently the ancient inhabitants of this formidable world.
Seneca’s famous adage Quod Tu Es Fui or what you are, I once was, aptly comments on the inherent continuity of our existence.

This single marks the beginning of the journey in time. The choir parts were performed by the Choir of Lublin Technical University conducted by prof. Elżbieta Krzemińska; solo parts were performed by Aneta Tor.

The album will have its premiere soon. Meanwhile, its title should be kept secret.

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